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"Melissa Martin, the owner of Downdog Flow Yoga & Pilates is enthusiastic, knowledgable and passionate. The uniqueness of her classes is like no other. Her approach to the yoga practice goes way beyond the mat as her goal is to strengthen both the body, and the mind. Melissa encourages her students to challenge themselves while also emphasizing the importance of knowing when it is ok to hold back and let go.

Since first joining this studio when it opened in the fall of 2014, I have attended several workshops at DFYP. All have been incredible. The thought that goes into the speakers and hosts at DYFP is very evident. They are geared towards all levels of participants and are beneficial for strengthening ones practice or improving on an aspect of their life beyond the four walls of the studio.

Although small in size, DFYP is a home base for students who all want to grow and learn while still seeing the physical results... And trust me, there will be results.

I would encourage anyone, regardless if you are new to yoga or Pilates or a have been practicing for years to visit Downdog Flow Yoga & Pilates; you won't be disappointed!

It starts on the mat."

 - Marisa


"Melissa, the owner of Downdog Flow Yoga & Pilates, has created a space in the form of her studio where there is a real sense of community, whether it is your first visit to the studio or you become hooked and attend regularly(!), you are received with a heartfelt welcome and begin to experience the powerful benefits of yoga that Melissa offers. She is truly an inspirational yoga teacher, she leads by her example of strength, concentration and high intensity. She is dedicated to the individual successes of her students in their yoga practice, whatever that means to them, whether it be working up to a challenging peak pose or setting an intention such as being mindful etc., she is willing and more than excited to work with you. She teaches that yoga is not just about being flexible, but building on your inner and physical strengths. Her yoga classes are a vigorous vinyasa flow, moving the body and the breath between postures, and she shows different variations (different levels or modifications to take depending on your truth/how the body feels that day). Her power pilates class will certainly tone up your yoga practice due to the focus on corework, and it is a sweaty challenging work-out to say the least! See for yourself... stick with it and see your results! Melissa is passionate about bringing yoga awareness to the people and growing her community. On behalf of every student, I'm sure, we hope she continues doing what she's doing at Downdog Flow Yoga & Pilates! We invite you to try her classes!"

 - Meryl


"I have taken many yoga classes before, but Melissa adds so much more. Whether you take yoga, Pilates, or barre-20-20-20, you never get the same exact class. She is always bringing in new ideas and props to build your own practice. Her connection with her students is extraordinary. She makes everyone feel special, empowered, and strong! Thank you Melissa."

- Tracey


"We recently added Yin Yoga at our studio on Sundays with Pam Godbois and its the perfect restoration and relief to a busy schedule. Pam does a fantastic job of slowing down the mind and the body. Her gentle voice, accompanied by soft music, and essential oils, along with the wonderful blend of postures each week allows my body to feel rejuvenated and balanced. Check out the class for a full description and join Pam on Sundays from 9-10!"

- Melissa

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