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Downdog Flow Yoga & Pilates

Your Only Fitness Boutique That Delivers Results 

ALL NEW STUDENTS GET AN 18% DISCOUNT WHEN YOU SIGN UP FOR A 10 CLASS PACKAGE! Taking your fitness journey to the next level, we offer a full range of workout options to deliver an unbelievable, results-driven fitness experience. Get a gym membership, get align on the reformer or join our group training classes in addition to our power Yoga, Pilates, and Barre classes. Downdog is the only studio in Bedford, NH to bring a full fitness boutique with high intensity workouts, unique classes, and a fun atmosphere!  

If you are serious about looking better, feeling better, and being better with significant and rewarding results, join Downdog Flow Yoga & Pilates Studio to kick it into full gear. Our fitness boutique includes:

  • Power Yoga, Pilates & Barre (Barrecept ™)
  • Reformer Trainings
  • Personal Trainings
  • Open Gym
  • Small Group Trainings
  • Corporate Wellness & More
  Find your inner strength and your outer confidence

Find your inner strength and your outer confidence

power mission

If you are serious about transforming your life, physically and mentally, you are at the right place. Downdog Flow Yoga & Pilates is the only studio in Bedford, NH that is dedicated to teaching hot power Vinyasa Yoga, Power Pilates, and Power Barre. Not too hot with just the right intensity – we are dedicated to challenging you by pushing the limits in a comfortable space and living in the moment – on and off your mat. 

  You are one class away from a good mood

You are one class away from a good mood

results-driven classes

We offer Yoga, Pilates, and Barre classes - and sometimes all three integrated in one - offering the optimum level of intensity. All levels are welcome so view our classes and see what's right for you. We also offer specials to get you started on finding your power including drop in rates, special intro rates, and if you can’t get enough of us, we have an unlimited monthly pass that you can take advantage of. 

  People coming together can make things  happen

People coming together can make things  happen

fun community

We are the DDYF Tribe! Downdog’s atmosphere is a truly committed, transformative, and inspirational space for all. The moment you step into the studio, you become part of the Downdog community where we all continuously support and motivate one another. Downdog also hosts workshops and events and partners with local businesses to offer fun events and encourage a healthy and fit lifestyle.  

Meet Downdog's amazing teachers

What everyone is saying

I have taken many yoga classes before, but Melissa adds so much more. Whether you take Yoga, Pilates, or Barre-20-20-20, you never get the same exact class. She is always bringing in new ideas and props to build your own practice. Her connection with her students is extraordinary. She makes everyone feel special, empowered, and strong! Thank you Melissa.
— Tracey
Melissa has always inspired me to be at my best in her class. When I go to her class, I get to explore my limits, heal my soul and focus on me. I highly recommend her as your guide in yoga, not matter your level.
— Stacey
If you want to better yourself on and off your mat, need a vigorous workout that is guaranteed to give you results physically and mentally, and would like to be part of a fun community atmosphere that motivates you, I highly recommend Melissa at the Downdog Flow Yoga and Pilates studio.
— Lauren

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