Downdog Flow Yoga & Pilates is now a full fitness boutique. 

Take your fitness journey to the next level with Downdog Flow Yoga & Pilates. We offer a variety of fun and challenging classes and workouts to deliver transforming results.

Power Yoga - Pilates - Barre Classes 

Cyndi's Boot Camp

When: Monday 9 - 10a 

Instructor: Cyndi *Level 3


This is a full body workout that includes cardio and strength training. Come prepared to sweat and shed those calories. The class format will change each week to keep it interesting. Everyone can do this class, you will work at a pace that is good for you, but you will be pushed to find your full potential. Please bring a mat and water. 

Power Vinyasa Yoga

When: Monday 5:30 - 6:30p

Instructor: Melissa          *Level 3


With 60 minutes of an adventurous workout towards that grand peak pose, this class is designed to hit quick and powerful movements mixed in with core for building strength and flexibility. Intended to challenge students to break outside their comfort zone while remaining at their own pace to take them to the next level. The room is heated but you will be building your own heat ensuring you sweat out the bad toxins and getting your body warmed up. Each class is always ready with a different, fun and creative sequence to keep your muscles confused but your mind sharp! 

Barrecept ™

When: Tuesday 9 - 10a       

Instructor: Shannon        *Level 3


An intense blend of deep core work through precision and gliding movements of the legs within a plank position. Powerful postures and exercises are incorporated from the disciplines of Barre, Pilates, and Power Yoga. Each participant is given a set of small weights and props that are also used for additional toning. Socks and mat are required…be prepared to sweat and burn! 


When: Tuesday 5:30 - 6:30p

Instructors: Melissa *Level 3


Barga = Barre Yoga. This 75 minute intense, integral class is a challenge on the Barre and on your mat. The first 45 minutes focuses on Barre and is designed to sculpt your calves, inner/outer thighs, and glutes. When you're not elegantly pulsing your legs up, over and around the ballet barre, expect upper body, cardio, and Melissa's signature core work off the Barre. Transition into slowly winding down with a unique Yoga practice that targets deep stretching, breathing and slowing down your heart rate to calm your muscles and mind.

Power Pilates

When: Wednesday 5:30 - 6:45p

Instructor: Melissa          *Level 3


Don’t let the soft ballet music fool you in the beginning. This non-stop, intense 75 minute Pilates class is geared to burn your core, shake your inner thighs, and fire up your shoulders so you can leave feeling lean, strong and accomplished. The room is heated but you will be building your own heat through dynamic energy and seamless fluidity of planks, 100s, lunges, squats, swimming, and more - all while incorporating Pilates' balls, rings, and more. It’s guaranteed to make you work and bring results. All modifications are offered.

Wake Up Call

When: Thursday 9 - 10a                     

Instructor: Melissa          *Level 3


This class is the true element of surprise and spontaneity! You will get a wake up call the moment you step foot into the studio because every class is completely different….anything goes. Experience anything from Barre, Yogilates, Power Yoga, Circuit Training to Barga, Pilates or a whole NEW extreme workout that you’ve never experienced and it could switch up in the middle of class before you even know it. Get ready to be surprised and keep your muscles confused for radical transformation!

Tune Up & Tune Out

When: Last Thursday of every month 7 - 9p

Instructor: Jacqui Bonwell *Level 2


Join Jacqui for the monthly Tune up and Tune out. Jacqui will take you through her sacred seeds yoga flow, developed for maximum energetic and physical alignment. This will be sprinkled with elements of balanced athlete and end with restorative yoga and a sound bath. This will be offered the last Thursday of each month. If you sign up for all sessions ahead of time it will be $30 a session 180.00 for 6 master classes. Drop in for a class is 35.00. This is the only place that Jacqui will offer a monthly master class in the whole state of New Hampshire. Sign up here for a 6 master class package before it sells out!

*Starts January 31 to June 27                     

Yoga Flow & Restore

When: Friday 5:15 - 6:15p

Instructor: Meghan & Pam         *Level 1/2


End the week with clearing your mind and healing your body. Be prepared to warm the body and rejuvenate yourself through breath, movement and Melissa’s signature core work combined with complete restoration. Our 45-minute flow is designed to build strength and flexibility, preparing you to melt in your mat for deep restoration and rejuvenation of the body. Using different props and ball rolling, the restoration portion will heal and balance you - leaving you feeling poised, strong and renewed, just in time for the weekend.


When: Saturday 9 - 10a  

Instructor: Melissa          *Level 3


This unique, integral class is like no other. We combine 20 minutes of Barre, 20 minutes of Pilates and 20 minutes of Yoga. With bringing together the elegance and toning of Barre, the strength and core power of Pilates, and the flexibility and restoration of Yoga, it is designed to give our students the ultimate workout experience. Be prepared to work the upper and lower body, core and find your Zen in the end.

Yin Yoga

When: Sunday 9 - 10a   

Instructor: Pam *Level 1


Total body wellness is achieved when you release tension, deepen your breath and find a sense of balance within the body. Both physical and emotional stress leads to deterioration in your tissue, and a sense of dis-ease in both the body and mind. This class is designed to target both the physical and mental stress you encounter in your daily life.  Yin is a practice where you will detoxify tissue, prevent degeneration of the bones and increase mobility through seated postures.  This class will allow you an opportunity to unwind emotionally and create a sense of peace and wellness in the mind. This is a gentle and restorative style practice, all levels are welcome, no yoga experience is necessary.

*Level 1: Chill - Level 2: Moderate - Level 3: Intense


Do these classes peak your interest?   Take advantage of our special packages

Specialty Fitness Training

Group Fitness Training

Get Downdog's group training full experience! Expect to burn fat, tighten and tone up, and increase endurance with these small group classes offering cardio and strength circuit training. We use everything from free-weights, kettlebells, medicine balls and bodyweight based exercises for a non-stop, challenging and detoxifying workout. It is a non-stop strength training circuit mixed with cardio and Downdog’s unique plank work. Guaranteed to be fun, engaging and personalized!

Contact Downdog at (603) 203-8020 or via online for your plan consultation and then pay online. Group training classes are limited to three or four people and you must commit to a month for four sessions at $25 per session. View the three packages that we offer below to book now:

Basic Package

Dip your toes in the water and start off with this basic training package that includes monthly unlimited classes and 4 half hour personal training sessions.

Regular = $230

Middle of the Road 

Our most popular! Middle of the Road Package includes monthly unlimited classes, spin, and 4 one hour personal training sessions. group training sessions.

Regular = $300

Deluxe Training Package

This package includes 4 group training sessions, monthly unlimited classes, weekly personalized workout plan, nutritional tips, and 1:1 personal training session. 

Regular = $375

Reformer Trainings

$100 for a 60 minute session

Appointment Only


Learn the reformer, practice specific exercises, and discover the right technique for a stronger, leaner you! 

The reformer is good for a total body workout as well as for rehabilitation from injury. The reformer will challenge you more as you progress with an endless variety of exercises. Pilates reformer training is an excellent way to build core strength and functional mobility. For beginners and advanced students.

  • Buy 4 sessions (must be used within one month) and receive a 10% discount.

  • Buy 8 Sessions (must be used within two months) and receive 15% discount.

Private Sessions

Appointment Only


Your choice of 60 or 90 minutes, private sessions can be held in a group setting, or one-on-one and a great way to deepen or "tune up" your practice. Examples of specific goals for private lessons include:

  • Rehabilitating injuries

  • Improving basic technique, postures, and structures

  • Cross-training bodyweight training for athletes

  • Working on hand and balancing inversions

  • Primal movement

  • Mastering specific advanced poses

Whether you are working towards a specific advanced pose, dealing with repetitive injury, or just want to get past a plateau in your practice, one-on-one instruction can help you stay in tune with yourself and move beyond your limitations and expectations. 

Bridal Boot Camp

Appointment Only


Getting married and want to look amazing for your big day? Downdog specializes in getting brides in shape so you don't stress over the dress. Bride boot camp will get the results you are looking for, will work around your schedule and more! You will notice that you are less stressed while planning your big day. Bridal boot camp includes:

  • Weight loss

  • Arm, abs, glutes and thighs toning

  • Stress reduction

  • Healthy eating habits

  • Confidence

The best way to see results before your wedding day is to start at least 9-10 months before so what are you waiting for? Begin your transformation now and let Downdog be part of your big day.

Sports Yoga

Appointment Only


This is the ultimate cross training - yoga with athletes at high schools, universities, and colleges. The program helps you gain strength, flexibility, and stamina to improve your performance and help you become a better athlete. Training with teams and athletes include:

  • Pre- and post-workout movements and poses

  • Form and endurance

  • Breathing techniques

Corporate Yoga

Contact Downdog for details


Downdog provides on-site yoga classes to companies and organizations throughout southern New Hampshire. Melissa Martin will bring the benefits of yoga to your workplace at times that are convenient for you and your employees. Corporate yoga will be for everyone at any level. The classes will be tailored to each individual and their needs. Expect to stretch, move, relax, and breath so you can take these techniques back to your desk for a little less stress work week.